Store-bought Turkey Causing a Total of 358 Infections Across 42 States, CDC Reports

Unfortunately,  we need to be really careful with our turkeys because salmonella is still a concern. The CDC reports that a total of 358 infections across 42 states. One person has died and 44% of those who became ill ended up in the hospital. Now, the outbreak investigation has been closed, but more cases are still being identified.

Are There Brands Of Turkey To Avoid?

Unfortunately, again, the CDC could not isolate a particular supplier or facility spreading illness. The outbreak was industry-wide involving everything from whole turkey to turkey parts, including ground turkey, turkey in pet food, and even turkeys that were still alive! This caused the CDC to reach out to the National Turkey Federation to look for ways to reduce salmonella contamination.

How Can We Keep Our Thanksgiving Guests Safe?

This is where education comes in. Make sure you know how to properly handle and cook a turkey so no one gets sick. Here’s what my family will be doing:

  1. Keep the turkey in a leak-proof bag in the fridge.
  2. Always thoroughly wash your hands before and after handling turkey 
  3. When you’re ready to handle the turkey, keep it far away from other foods. 
  4. Do not use the same utensils or cutting boards for any other food.
  5. Wash anything that comes into contact with the turkey or its juices.
  6. Always, always, always make sure your turkey is cooked. Use a food thermometer and roast it until it’s 165 degrees Fahrenheit.

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