How To Help Delivery People During The Pandemic

There are a lot of people who are out there delivering groceries and other essential items. They have been working hard and if we can make things easier for them, why wouldn’t we? There are 5 ways to help them when they come to your door with your order.

5 Tips For Delivery

  1. Have Your Phone Nearby – Keep your phone nearby because they might need to text or call you with a question or to confirm your address. Ignoring the call or not answering, it might cause a delay with your order.
  2. Don’t Hoard Stuff – The companies and drivers are following the same rules you need to follow. If there is a limit on things like disinfectant wipes, toilet paper or milk, don’t try to order more than you can and don’t get angry when they won’t give you that many.
  3. Avoid Contact – Let them leave your items outside. Don’t offer to help them unload AND do not ask them to bring your order into your house. Limit face-to-face interaction to as little as possible.
  4. Lighten The Order If Possible – Get what you need but try not to include too many overly heavy items all at once. The drivers are delivering many big orders and their bodies are starting to feel the strain. If you can split heavy items between two or three different deliveries, it will help them
  5. Do Not “Tip-Bait” – “Tip baiting” happens when people add a big tip and then change or remove it later. People hope that adding a big tip will make their delivery be placed to the top of the list. Don’t punish the driver because the order has taken longer or because some of your items are out of stock. And if you are tipping, try not to use cash because they would rather not touch it.

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