Health Benefits of Salmon

Salmon isn’t just a tasty dish for dinner, it is great for you and your family. Try to add at least a serving of wild caught salmon per week to your meal plan.

Salmon is good for your eyes

Research has found that eating salmon can help with curing dry eye syndrome. Because salmon is high in Omega – 3, the fish has been linked to helping with age – related macular degeneration which can cause blindness. Studies are being done to see how effective salmon and Omega – 3 is in regards to the drainage of intraocular fluid from the eyes. This would help to decrease the risk of glaucoma and high eye pressure. Omega – 3 found in salmon has also been found to be necessary for the eye development in infants

Salmon helps with healthy skin

Wild caught salmon has been linked to healthy skin because of its high levels of omega -3. Research has found that consuming salmon can help with glowing and more supple skin. Salmon contains the carotenoid anti oxidants of astaxanthin which researchers have discovered to reduce the effects of free radical damage to the skin. This free radical damage increases the speed of aging.


Salmon is good for the brain
Science has long known that foods rich in omega – 3 has the ability to help with the efficience of many brain functions and helps with improved memory. Salmon also contains Vitamins A, D and selenium which can protect the nervous system from age related damage. These vitamins in salmon has also been found to act similar to an antidepressant. Research is being done and to discover the link between omega – 3 consumption and the prevention and treatment of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. Science has discovered a very promising link between children eating salmon and the prevention of ADHD. Salmon and the omega -3 may help children focus better and remember more.
Salmon can help you get a good night sleep

Many people when they come home are stressed from work and find it hard to wind down. Researchers are studying the link between the consumption of salmon and getting a good night sleep. Salmon contains high levels of tryptophan which is a hormone that acts as a natural sedative. Studies have shown that people who regularly eat salmon, tend to have better and longer night sleeps

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Salmon is great for your heart

Studies have shown that there is a very strong link between eating salmon and heart health. The high levels of omega – 3 helps with reducing cholesterol , maintaining flexibility of arteries and veins plus strengthening cardiac muscles. Salmon also contains essential amino acids which studies have found to repair damage to the cardiovascular tissues. These essential amino acids also reduce the blood pressure by lowering the levels of cholesterol and preventing the hardening of artery walls. Salmon can help with reducing the chances of heart attacks and strokes.

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