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I am a believer in true love.

I believe it exists.

I’ve seen it.

I’ve witnessed it.

I’ve observed it.

And have felt it deeply.

I’m not talking about the love you feel for your family, your children, friends or pets.

I’m talking about the strong emotion of ‘BEING IN LOVE,’ the romantic type of love that movies are made from, songs were written about, and books are based on.

The kind of love that makes

Your heart flutter,

Your stomach drop,

Your mind race.

All of it.

I’m talking about the kind of love that you feel deep in your soul.

Not all loves are like that.

But some are, and if you’re lucky enough to have felt it—you know exactly what I mean.

This is what I have learned about love…

It either heals you, hurts you, teaches you, satisfies you or tortures you. You also never really recognize when it starts but you always remember when it ends.

Plain and simple.

My mother has always told me that the heart loves what it loves, and what the Heart loves, the Will chooses and the Mind justifies.

But what happens after the relationship is over?

Well, to be truthful, there are some loves we never really get over, that remain with us forever.

They become part of who we are, and forever change us, because the truth is that some loves are truly eternal.

I believe that.

Like I’ve said time and time again, we never really stop loving those that we loved. We just start loving someone new.

Way back, I was told by a spiritual guru that we have soul mates and life mates during our lifetime.

She said a soul mate is someone who is aligned with your soul and is sent to challenge and awaken you and stir different parts of you in order for your soul to learn some type of lesson. Once it is learned, usually some type of physical separation occurs.

A life mate, on the other hand, is usually a companion or friend who is stable and secure and whom you can lean on, trust and depend on throughout your life. There is a mutual feeling of love and respect, and both are in sync.

Soul Mate Relationship

  • You feel a very deep, spiritual connection to this person; almost like you have known them a long time.
  • You have flashbacks or déjà vu moments where you feel you have been together before.
  • You seem to understand each other and have a similar way of thinking.
  • You may have similar flaws or habits, or you both had similar challenges during childhood.
  • Your connection is intense and so, too, is the relationship. Often it can move from extreme highs to extreme lows.
  • You feel in sync with each other even when you are not physically together.
  • You know intuitively what the other is thinking or feeling. You feel very in-tune and connected with their thoughts and actions.
  • Your relationship is emotional, and challenging and can bring things out in you that you didn’t know existed.
  • You may experience huge shifts and changes in your life when you first meet this person.
  • Your relationship may not last forever, but the love is always there.

Life Mate Relationship

  • You feel attracted to each other physically and resonate with each other’s values.
  • You enjoy getting to know each other and learn about your differences and similarities. Everything about each other feels new and exciting.
  • You get along like best friends. Your relationship does not suffer from extremes.
  • Your relationship is based on logical or intellectual decisions.
  • You resonate with each other’s beliefs, ideas or religion/philosophy.
  • You both feel a sense of financial and emotional stability by being together.
  • Your relationship is based on being physically present and creating new memories.
  • You feel the need to marry or start a family in order to ‘cement’ your relationship.

At different times of our lives, we will need and want different types of relationships. Neither is better nor worse than the other. It is all a personal decision and one that you will feel strongly towards as long as you are following your heart.

In my opinion…

When we find someone who sees the crazy in us and yet still loves us— those are the keepers!!!

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Karin graduated Michigan State University and earned a bachelor of arts degree in sociology with a minor in psychology emphasizing on early childhood development. She has extensive experience with children and has focused her attention and career on creative writing for them. As a mother of three, Karin has instilled core values into her children that were taught to her in her own childhood. These core values include honesty, trust, dedication, honor, self-respect, and to respect others.

After experiencing desired results with the raising of her own young children, she was compelled to create simple stories to appeal to other children just like the ones she told her own.

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