Gut Health is the Key to a Healthy Life

Hi everyone. Dr. Partha Nandi, thank you for joining me today. I appreciate it. I am a gastroenterologist and how to advocate. I’m based out here in Detroit, Michigan, I’m talking about gut health. We use that term very loosely, but cut out the so important gut health is so important to all of your life. So today we’re talking about gut health. I’d love all your questions and any thoughts that you have about, what you’ve heard about gut health. I know that a lot of us have been really focused right on the coronavirus and how that’s playing out. What I’ll tell you is that the only, if there is anything good about this, right about this pandemic, there’s really nothing good. The one thing is that people are more interested in their health. I’d love to be able to discuss that with you, talk about, Hey, what, how can we use your gut to be the center of your health? How can we use your gut to be able to help you live, a better life? Right.

Gut Health Affects the Brain and Heart

Really important to talk about the gut. They say that the key to someone’s heart is through your gut, right? Really, I would offer that the key to everything that you have in your health, that includes your heart and your brain, your immune system, right? I mean, we’re talking, everybody’s worried about the immune system and it’s super important of course, to wash your hands and social distance and to make sure that, you disinfect areas, but here’s, what’s also important that you maintain your gut health. Your gut is, has the most complex immune system in the entire body. What we do with your gut is really important, to determine how well your immune system were to try. There’s a, there’s one. I’ll talk about this all the time, but there’s one cell layer thick between your gut and your blood, right? So what we put in our gut and how we treat our guidance is going to be super important.

Why Because in that cell layer are the immune cells that are going to transmit information through your whole body, right? So just recently, I’ll tell you, just, even in may of this year in virus research, we talked about, in a publication, that’s well-respected we talked about how the gut microbiota and COVID-19 could be what could be linked, right? So it’s very important to know that the gut microbiome and many of you may know what that is. The gut microbiome is where basically all the trillions of bugs that are in your intestinal system and how they can affect your health. We now know that how you treat your gut affects those trillions of bugs in your immune system.

Serotonin is Effected by the Gut

Lots of people talk about it, but really there’s great evidence to show that what we do for our gut, we really impact the rest of our body. I mean, did you know that the gut is the number one source, of course, of serotonin and something that helps you move, right? So many drugs increase the serotonin level or modulates your serotonin level. What your gotten is, the chief source of that. So it’s really critical to understand. If we talk about, again, we talk about the immune system and how your immune system could be affected, how you treat your gut. Imagine if you eat pizza every single day and you eat a bunch of burgers and fast food, guess what that does, it causes dysbiosis. That’s a fancy word. That means that the gut intestinal bacteria change and all of the gut microbiome changes. If it changes and becomes less favorable, then you have less of an armamentarium, less tools to be able to fight, not just the growing a virus, but other disease States, right? Like regular infections.

The Gut Affects the Immune System

Why is that? Because the gut is lined with the most sophisticated immune and nervous system in the entire body. So how do we treat that? How we treat our gut by doing simple things, like what you put in your mouth, what foods you eat. I’ve talked about the five steps to becoming your own healthier. Anybody who’s heard me before knows that, and the five steps to becoming you and healthier only includes your nutrition plan. I’ll talk about this more next week on Wednesday at six o’clock Eastern, I’ll have a live event and talk about that in detail, how you can really change the way your gut works, how you can really change the way your gut, can affect the rest of your body, right? Specific things that can really make a difference. I want you all to tune in next Wednesday at 6:00 PM Eastern, but I’ll talk about if you have any questions, let me know.

I’d be happy to answer them. I’d love to be able to know what you were thinking about, whether it involves the gut or anything else. I, I, I really want to make sure that we can address your concerns, or if you have any questions, if you have anything that comes up in your mind, we’re ready to answer those. To me, I do what I do is that I talk about eating whole foods, and we know how, how, what goes into your body, and how it’s going to affect us. ? Right So instead of having processed foods, we create our own inclusive. If you go to my kitchen right now, you see turmeric, you see, I mean, you see garlic, you see lemons and oranges and apples. This is whole foods, not boxes and boxes, stuff that we eat, ice cream every once in a while, of course we do.

Food and its impact on Gut Health

Right. Do we snack on chips? Of course we do. As a rule, we use whole foods. Let me say hello to some people here that are joining us. Let me just take a look and see if I can find it, and answer some questions for those of you, who’ve asked that, let me find that real quick. And, and says I have stomach pain. What do I do? You got to tell me more detailed where the stomach pain is very important. Part of what I’ll talk about next week on Wednesday at 6:00 PM is really, what, tools you can use to be able to address, your gut to be healthier, to be able to solve things. To me, the symptoms that you’re talking about, and also deal with a very common problem called GERD or acid reflux. Then, this car says what’s the best medicine for high blood pressure.

There are multiple medicines, but remember your lifestyle is really important, eating the right foods. I talk about the five steps to becoming your own health hero. One of the critical things for high blood pressure is spirituality, right? Talking about having the right amount of a balance in your life to decrease some of the cortisol, some of the unbalanced stress, right? So spirituality, whether it’s prayer, whether it’s meditation, whether it’s yoga is super important, you can go to my calming, the chaos guide, and Marie Tessa. I’ll definitely let you know, Kiersten Renee Campbell’s is I have a problem. Whenever I eat sugar before noon, it affects my mood. Why is that? Remember the multiple answers to that? But, let’s say you don’t have hypoglycemia. Let’s say you don’t have, some disorder in way in the way your blood sugars control. Assuming that’s the case, you should get that checked out Kiersten, but assuming that’s the case, remember when you put just sugar, plain sugar, which is simple carbohydrates with processed refined grains, then it affects your gut.

It affects your microbiome. That remember the amount of serotonin and other hormones that affect your gut affect your mood rather is produced. You want to be able to make sure you have complex carbohydrates, fruits, and vegetables, and instead of eating candy and ice cream and processed waiting. Very important Nolene Ilunga well, the us has, I have Hashimoto’s and I’ve had a total thyroidectomy subsequently of important and gallbladder, gastric bypass hysterectomy is still struggling with digestion, instant nausea with anything sweet, sick with bread. This happens, I’m lightheaded, anxiety, and panic kicks in overall pain aches, all stemming from my gut Nolene. Whenever you have a gastric bypass, you’re bypassing some of the nerves that are normally there, depending on what kind of gastric bypass. You can have something called dumping syndrome, right? You can have something, basically where your body is not handling all kinds of foods.

I’ve had patients with nausea, domino, bloating, and pain. One of the things that’s important to understand is that, gastric bypass is not a panacea, right? You think you’ll go, you’re going to lose weight. Of course you will lose weight, but there’s a price for that. Nothing’s nothing’s ever for quote, unquote free, right? You want to make sure that you talk to your doctor and you have a gastric bypass because the nerves that connect the, the parts of the intestine may not grow back in the right way. So you really have to watch out. Gastric bypass, it’s not always just a panacea, meaning it’s not perfect. It’s not a, a procedure without any complications. Again I invite all of you to join me next Wednesday at 6:00 PM, I’m doing a, a live event, a police sign out before. I’d love to have you all on board.

How to Restore the Gut

Talk more details about your gut health and some of the questions that you’re asking will be addressed. I’ll also talk about something that really affects many of my patients in the office, which is GERD acid reflux, laryngeal, pharyngeal reflux, and there’s lots of issues that could cause, problems with the gut. Maureen Flint Anderson, how are you? Thank you for joining us, says, how do we fully restored got held after abstinence from poor eating alcohol, et cetera. What you want to do is, that’s a great question and tell us where you’re joining us from. W the way you restore full gut function is obviously to avoid some of the things that you’re talking about, right? Eating, processed foods, eating anything, and everything that comes your way, and going to fast-food restaurants and eating out and listen all of us like D dot sometimes. If you make that the rule and not the exception, I’ll tell you that can cause issues.

Support the Microbiome

Very important to know that now what you want to do is remember I talked about the gut microbiome, right? The gut microbiome are the other trillions of bugs in your intestinal system. What you want to do is replenish those with probiotics. That doesn’t just mean taking a pill. That means eating foods that are fermented. All of us, every culture has fermented foods, right? If you like sour product, if you like kimchi, if you like kombucha. So, what’s important is that you want to be able to get those fermented foods, to be able to make sure that you are replenishing all the good bacteria I’m in prebiotics, right? Prebiotics root vegetables, high fiber. I’ll be talking more about that next Wednesday at six o’clock Eastern. I’ll talk about more specific details about how you can help that, but really great question when you replenish that with good wholesome foods and buy a probiotics and prebiotics probiotics are the good bacteria and good intestinal flora, and the prebiotics are the food that feeds them.

If you’ve got trillions of these bugs. If you’ve got, if you add billions, well, you need some food to replenish those. So very important. Micheal Alonzo, this is what foods, helping an erotic aneurysm. That’s 7.7 centimeters. Obviously it’s always important to have good gut health, right? Super important. However that Abdel abdominal aortic aneurism 7.7 centimeters, you should see a vascular surgeon to make sure that you get treatment for that cause of that burst. That’s that sentence right there. You want to make sure, obviously you want to have good gut health, no matter what, right? So, but you want to be able to see a vascular surgeon, and do some imaging, does ultrasound and CT scan and see what’s going on. Cecilia Fiats as I’m suffering from stress and depression, have a strong headache. Very important to know that, when you have unabated, which is unopposed stress, all of us benefit when you have periods of stress, right? That really helps you get juiced up.

Stress and the Gut

Meaning that help you perform so much more. However, if you had stress that never stops, that is going to affect you, that is going to be unhealthy for you. So it’s very important to know that. You have depression and stress, I would invite you to look at my calming, the chaos guy. You can really help. Now again, there are great medications for stress, depression, and that will lead to strong headache, but I’m also somebody who feels like East meets West is really the way to go, right? So you want to be able to not just take a bunch of pills. You want to be able to do this as naturally as well. Chris crashes, what causes a hole in the heart, a baby was said to have at crisp, it can be acquired or genetically you could, it may not develop, and you have a hole in the heart that can be easily fixed nowadays.

Please see your doctor cardiologists and cardiothoracic surgery. Doctors can fix it very easily. Sometimes it may be so small. It may not cause problems into later. If, if someone knows they have it, they should get that fixed right away. Good questions. Amman. Highanne BA what to avoid if I have pounds. Sir, I was having Fisher and before eight months have developed small skin tag, what to do, but it does not hinder my pooping. So Amman very important. You should fine tune in at six o’clock. Next next six. O’clock Eastern. I don’t know what part of the world you’re in, but since a lot of Eastern, so it’s New York time. We’ll talk about gut health, but important. When you have a Fisher, that’s a cock in the anus, right? And that a lot of people have that can cause pain can have bleeding. What you want to do is have a normal fiber diet, a sit in the top of warm water, 15, 20 minutes a day, twice a day.

There are medications you can use blue, see your doctor to confirm that you have, but really making sure that yeah, you follow those recommendations. If you don’t, if it does that get better, there are medicines you can use. Sometimes you can use nitroglycerin ointment, to be able to relax the rectum and the arenas. And that helps to heal great question. Logan on air from Corpus Christi, Texas says what’s the quickest way to get rid of some extra belly fat and below team gain. Mostly through this pandemic right there, they talk about the 19 pounds gained through COVID-19 right? So, one of the great ways to do that is to be whole foods. You can resist the temptation Logan to, order a bunch of fast foods or pick up. You want to be able to make your own food, and you want to be able to do what you want to be able to make sure that you create your own destiny, which is making sure that, what’s going into your belly is going into your gut data hub.

Bloating and Gut Health

The bloating can be caused by a lot of different things. It could be the fact that you’ve gained weight, but it could also be the fact that, you’re putting in a lot of crap in your, food. So try to avoid it. It’s simple carbohydrates, which are things like candy, but even said, things like simple pasta, right? Sometimes it may not be sweetened. It could be sugar. You want to have fruits and vegetables. You want to avoid refined or processed grains, right? You want to also avoid bad fats, which are in pizza burgers and all this kind of crap. You want to avoid those things and that would really help you. In addition, talk to your doctor, you may have a condition called small intestinal bacteria overgrowth talking about more of these, next Wednesday at six o’clock I’d invite you to tune in. I know you’re in Corpus Christi, Texas.

I think you’re in central time. It will be 5:00 PM central, feel an hour back, but, invite you to join us. Well Kiersten Campbell says, can gut help gut health with weight loss. I’ve been trying to eat healthy and stuff, strict caloric comp, but that seems to help, but is there more I can do to support the gods? I can be more happy. It’s a very important question. Absolutely gut health can help with weight loss. We know that feeding the gut, the right kinds of foods, which is again like a broken record. You want to have whole foods, high fiber getting more good bugs, good bacteria, and other organisms to feed your microbiome can actually help with weight loss. Why is that? Because some of the products that help your body regulate appetite and regulate, the weight can be produced by the microbiome. So it’s really simple.

It’s his clock, but it’s really important to know that can cause it not decreased calories. Caloric intake is very useful, but eating the right kind of calories is also super critical, right? You want to avoid eating simple carbohydrates. You want to avoid eating what all kinds of bad fats cause that’ll help you. Not just fast in general, but you want to have fats that are good fats, like those from avocados, for example, fatty fishes like salmon, you want to avoid eating fats, some greasy stuff. You pick up at whatever you’re eating a bunch of wings or and a bunch of fries, et cetera. You want to avoid that. So very important, no lean. I would also invite curious that for you to pick up our superfoods cookbook, talk about talking about all kinds of ways. You can really fight.

Epidemic of Obesity

You can really fight this epidemic of obesity and you can really find foods that can help your health. Have you have healthy weight? So very important. So Nolene from Johannesburg. Djurberg one of my favorite places in the world. Very nice to hear from you. How do we know if eating too much fiber? Most of us don’t eat too much fiber, but if you’re getting too bloated, right? If you’re in the end, if you’re getting too uncomfortable after eating fiber, then it may be too much, but that use usually transient. It’s usually short lid. What happens is after a week or so your body regulates, right? What happens is that some fiber is non-absorbable. What happens is that the good bacteria eat it and produce more fermentable, products, I guess. Your gas that comes through and you can feel that, but that may just be an adjustment.

I think very few people eat too much fiber. It’s the other way around that you’re not having enough fiber in your diet, try to have at least some fruits and vegetables in every single meal that you have. So very important. Lisa, James Orlando tips to get rid of candida. Now it depends on where you have the candidate. If it’s, if it’s in your mouth or in your esophagus, then different story, right? But you, what you want to do is you feed the body, the right kind of bogs. Remember it’s a war down there, right? These trillions of bugs are fighting to make sure that it gives you the right balance. What you want to do is help it by giving it the right mix of bacteria. Having probiotics that you can either eat through food or a probiotic supplement, I like line. So, but there are many probiotics out there.

Acid Reflux and the Gut

What that does overwhelms proper candida can be a normal part of your microbiome, right? But you don’t want to overgrow because if it does then any bug that overgrows then get really dominant. You want to be able to give it a lot of competition by introducing good bugs in your system. You want to avoid antibiotics, right? You want to avoid taking antibiotics. Well they’re nearly because that can destroy your good bugs and that can cause problems as well. But, at least, please, tune in next Wednesday at 6:00 PM. Eastern. Love to talk about gut and give you some more tips, as Sandra Langemeier Pash, thank you for joining us today. She says, hopefully this has not been asked Apple cider gummies effective Apple cider in general is I think a good alternative because it can be a, a nice fermented source for your body. If you have acid reflux documented damage from acid reflux, I would avoid having Apple cider vinegar.

Otherwise it can really be helpful because it can really provide a good source of, balance for your gut. It can really help to restore gut health for a lot of folks. Aren’t a member, there’s lots of ways to do it. If you like Apple cider vinegar, it’s great. If you like kombucha, it’s great. If you like, sauerkraut or pickles, that’s awesome. Everybody’s, every culture has got some fermented foods. They like, so pick yours and go for it. You don’t have to have the same ones every single day. You can alternate. So very important question. G dot Kenzie or Mai says, my daughter has a holding issue. I’m assuming with bowel movements, I’ve tried everything for encouragement, but she just holds it. Gina important to be able to introduce lots of water and fiber. She has, you know, normal bowel movements. She, because she may be holding it because it’s painful to go, but you want to be able to introduce good sources of fiber, good sources of, good bacteria to be able to help her stools.

Health Hero Pillars

You could ask her, what’s going on and does it hurt? Does it give you any problems? So most people don’t hold it just because they want to hold it, because usually there’s a reason for it, right. There’s reason, for that to happen. You want to be able to make sure that you address the reason that the root cause of why she’s avoiding going so very important there, and then says, thank you for that question. Cecilia says, what is the best treatment for stress and depression and strong headaches from Liberia? Love my librarian, fans here, appreciate you joining us. Again, I would invite you to look at my calming, the chaos, a guide in my book, five steps to becoming your own health. Your I talk about spirituality is one of the keys for having a great life, right? So my five keys, five steps to becoming an unhealthier are number one, having a purpose for the month, right? Number two, making sure you’re getting the right, food plan.

Number three-movement with purpose number four, and I’ll go into detail, but this one is spirituality, right? And number five has had an it community communities. What we’re doing right now, all of us are helping me do that. By the way, if you feel this has beneficial, please share this with others. People may not know anything about gut health. They may not see any connection between your gut and your heart and your brain. Also like you’re talking stress and depression best treatment, I think is to really try to practice meditation spirituality, and then do your best. If you like prayer. That’s great too. If you’d like, if you’d like Tai Chi, whatever guides, you need to be able to decrease the unopposed, corticosteroids, the cortisol that comes in and it would be animated. What happens is that if you can decrease that my condom, the chaos meditation guide is a great way to be able to do that.

It really can help. It helps because it reduces the, not the cause often, but often the cascade, the thing that happens after you begin to worry, or you begin to become stressed and you’ll be, you’ll notice once you practice for your body, you will not be overnight, but give it a couple of weeks. If you do it every single day, it’s a practice, right? And it will, you will really make a big difference in your life. You really feel such deep purpose and you’ll feel such deep belief. And that’s so important. Food alchemy says, what do you suggest for someone with CBO? Right? So SIBO is small intestinal bacterial overgrowth. The idea is that in your small intestine, there’s a overgrowth of bacteria either from dysmotility, which means in your body’s not moving things through well, or that you’ve got a disease state where the surgery or where there’s something that’s causing the bacteria to come through, or you’ve destroyed some of the good bacteria, whatever the case is, CBO can really wreak havoc, right? Making you it’s a great mimicker.

What do I mean by that? It can mimic things like acid reflux. It can mimic things like irritable bowel syndrome. Lots of disease States that can be mimicked by it. What you want to do with Siebel is number one, not introduce probiotics right away. You want to make sure you have foods that we can talk about this more next Wednesday at six o’clock. I hope you guys join us 6:00 PM Eastern standard time during the live event. Please share this with others that, we talk about a low FODMAP diet. So they’ll fight back. That will be very important when you’re treating with Siebel. Finally, you can get testing to see if you’ve got CBO, right? And if you do, non-addressable antibiotics can help. The one that a lot of people know about is Rifaximin, and that can help it doesn’t get absorbed in your body, but it goes through your intestine and really can decrease the load of bacteria and other, organisms that can really, he give you problems.

Should I take a Probiotic Supplement?

Very important CBO is a very important diagnosis that I make every day in my practice. And love to talk about it more. What do you think about probiotic supplements? Laura says probiotics supplements are great. It’s a great question. I think are great, but it doesn’t mean that you have to always take a pill, right? It could just mean that you fill your diet with amazing foods, fruits, and vegetables, right? And you want to be able to have fermented foods. I talked about that, I talked about big all these foods can really help to replenish your gut microbiome, but don’t forget your prebiotics, the food for the probiotics, right? The food for the probiotics can really help to replenish it. You, then you put your profile, you put your probiotics, the good bacteria on steroids almost. You basically help them to really make a difference in your life.

Difference in how your gut reacts and why is that important? Because it can help your immune system. It can help your nervous system. It can help your circulatory system, your cardiovascular system. It can not all these things pretty simply so very important there. Acciona says I’ve been suffering from itchy scalp and hair loss every summer. What can I do? So itchy scalp and hair loss every summer, it can be something that you can control. It could be an autoimmune condition, really talk to your doctor about, what it is that you can do is do you have, some problems with the way your hair is being produced? Is there an autoimmune condition? So will you talk to your doctor and gut health will also help with your immune system and help with autoimmune conditions. Having a great immune system can really be effective in your gut health.

I mean, in your, having good immune system can be helped with gut health, rather. Always talk, really talk about that with your doctor and then tune in next week on Wednesday at six o’clock, we can tell you more details about how really improve your gut health and really make a difference. Again, I invite all of you to be able to join me next week. I appreciate you joining me today with all your great questions. Remember make healthy living a part of every day. You want to be able to make sure that you really address your gut, which to me is the center of all health, right? So they talk about the way to your heart is to your stomach, where you got, I offered to the way to all your organs is through your gut.

Thank you so much.

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