Dr. Nandi on VIOME

Did you know that the bugs in your gut, known as your microbiome, have a greater impact on your health, performance, and longevity than even your own genetics? Amazing!

Like I often say, you are NOT solely your genes. You design your destiny by how you LIVE, not by some predetermined hand you’re dealt.

One of the most important initiatives over the last few years has been how technology can affect our health journey. Viome is a leader in the tech-health industry, providing the SIMPLEST and most powerful tools to empower your health.

Your microbiome is being linked to so many areas of health, including weight loss, diabetes, anxiety, depression, autoimmune diseases, and more.

How do you know if your microbiome is out of balance? Viome’s extensive microbiome test and app will show you what’s really going on inside your gut, helping you lose weight, boosting your natural immunity, and allowing you to feel healthier.

Viome not only tests your microbiome to learn how your body is doing, and how it handles various foods, but it also translates that information into recommendations for food and nutrients that are just right for you.

  • Have you had multiple tests and treatments and still don’t feel well?
  • Are you often tired to the point of fatigue or even exhaustion?
  • Do your joints hurt?
  • …Or maybe you’re dealing with chronic pain or illness, like high blood pressure or blood sugar issues, and you’re tired of dealing with medications (and the side effects).

One of the main stepping stones to ANY health journey is to have a real starting point.

Viome provides that – AND a plan of action that you can start immediately. You can join this amazing community for just $399/yr – and your microbiome testing is included at no extra cost!

I hope you will click here to learn more.

The Viome App makes it easy to see your real-time health results and get personalized nutrition recommendations. Take control of your health journey right now! Please click here to learn more.

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