Redeeming Eggs

5 Reasons You Should Eat Eggs

Over the years, eggs have received a bad rap—especially the yolks, which have long been picked on by misinformed nutritionists. Mainly it has to do with the cholesterol, but that’s another story. It’s not as bad as they once thought it was. Yet, what exactly is in an egg? An egg itself is made up of an egg white and an egg yolk. They come from a variety of female animals, but for human consumption, chickens are where we get the majority of our eggs. An estimated 6.4 billion chickens produce the 62 million tons of eggs that go to market each year. That’s a lot of eggs! Eggs are used in many recipes, tons of packaged foods, and are a staple in many favorite dishes from omelets to frittatas to sweet desserts. Although the egg has gotten a ton of flak over the years, it may be time to consider restoring the egg’s good name. Be your own health hero and consider the idea that eggs are actually quite good for you in many forms. Here are five reasons you should be eating eggs that are Dr. Nandi endorsed.

Eggs Go Great With Bacon

Okay, so maybe this isn’t a health reason alone, but back in 2015 for the American Egg Board, actor Kevin Bacon starred in a series of commercials about the egg. In the commercials, he cheekily states that “no one knows eggs better than Bacon.” They might not have been the most clever commercials, but he does have a point. Eggs and bacon are natural protein-packed powerhouses for breakfast, lunch, or even dinner. More and more people are discovering that the humble egg makes a great meal any time of the day, as eggs are relatively easy to prepare yet also filling. Plus, you can make the egg healthier by serving it with some turkey bacon and a side of 100 percent whole wheat toast. Or scramble it simply with some tomatoes and add Canadian bacon, which has less fat than regular bacon.

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Hard Boiled Eggs Are The Perfect Snack

A hard-boiled egg is a great snack that can be eaten just about anywhere, as it stays good in the shell even without refrigeration for a decent period of time. So packing a hard-boiled egg into a child’s lunch, your lunch for the office, or just grabbing one as you are running out the door provides a complete snack—and it’s self-contained and won’t break like an uncooked egg.

Eggs Are Chock Full Of Nutrients

Other than the high protein content, the egg provides a variety of other essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals including Vitamin A, Thiamine (B1), Vitamin B6, and Folate which is great for a pregnant mother to eat since it’s great for fetal development. The simple egg also contains Calcium, Iron, and Zinc. This is just the start of what this magical little food substance has to offer. According to the American Egg Board, the “incredible, edible, egg” is one of the most high-quality foods you can add to your diet.

Eggs Are Extremely Affordable

There are a variety of eggs to choose from within the supermarket, most of which are extremely affordable. The national cost of a regular egg is, according to the USDA’s Egg Market News Report (yes this is a real thing), around 72 cents per dozen. Keep in mind this refers to regular eggs, not free range or organic, which can be more expensive in nature. Check out Dr. Nandi’s recipe page egg-centric recipes that your whole family will love. His Green Peas and Brussels Sprouts Frittata is a tasty one to make for any meal of the day.

Eggs Can Help With Weight Management

Eggs don’t have a high calorie or fat content, as there are only about 70 calories and 4 grams of fat in one large egg. The reason eggs are beneficial for weight management is that when incorporated into a healthy diet and lifestyle eggs can help maintain appetite control. In a study of people with type 2 diabetes, they found that those who ate two eggs per day for a week were less hungry overall than those who eliminated eggs from their diet.Nestfresh Banner Logo

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