Health Benefits of Marriage

Health Benefits of Marriage Not Including the Sex!

Because let’s face it, the sex is touch and go from time to time.
It is becoming more and more proof that committed people live longer and our soulmates may actually provide us with health benefits!

Marriage lowers the risk of heart attacks

According to a study that was done in Finland, the researchers found that marriage has the ability to reduce the risk of heart attacks in both men and women.  The numbers were quite convincing with married women having up to a 65 percent less chance of having a heart attack and men had a similar number when married.  The lead researcher of the study believes the numbers suggest that marriage may be good for the heart and a lower risk of heart attack because married people tend to be better off financially, live healthier lives and have more friends with social support.  An added bonus occurs when an ambulance is needed, the spouse can make the call.

Marriage helps to lessen dangerous behavior

A large study from Ohio State University found that married couples are less likely to be involved in risky behavior such as substance abuse, drinking to extreme or dangerous driving.  The study found that participants desire to pursue dangerous activities dropped by a considerable number once they moved in together and it fell further after marriage.  The theory behind these results suggests that married people are more aware that they have someone who depends on them.  The dependence allows the person to make a decision to have safety and self-preservation as the number one factor.

Marriage helps you get better sleep

A psychologist from the University of Pittsburgh discovered in a recent study that women who are in a happy marriage get better night sleep than single women.  Participants tended to have a 10 percent better chance of a good night’s sleep that the women who were single.  On the other hand, the study also showed that an unhappy marriage can be a serious factor in the increase of sleep disturbances.  The researchers found that the lack of sleep led to being more irritable, having lower frustration and tolerance levels.

Marriage helps you live longer

There have been many studies that have found that being married to your life-mate increases your chances of living a longer healthier lives than those who are unmarried.  These results have been found in studies conducted in a wide variety of cultures.  A study from UCLA found that nearly all studies of mortality and marital status suggest that marriage lowers death rates in regards to accident, disease or self-inflicted wounds.  These results are found to be steady in nearly every country that maintains an accurate system for health statistics.  More research is being conducted but the results suggest that this longer life may be caused by the economic advantage of marriage.

Marriage may lower the chance of mental illness

A mental health study found that married people have a considerably lower rate of severe depression than never married or divorced people.  Marriage also lowers the risk of developing any psychiatric disorders.  A recent study found that couple who have been able to work through the possibility of divorce and stayed together enjoyed the lower risk.  The study found that divorce and separation is associated with a higher risk of mental illness, especially depression.  Another study found that many people described themselves as happy when married.  Numbers suggest that men in nations with a higher rate of marriage tend to be happier than others with lower rates.  One researcher found that the increase in happiness found in married men is similar to receiving a very large pay raise.

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