Health Benefits of Freekeh

Although it may seem like something exotic, freekeh, pronounced , is nothing more than a young, green wheat that is roasted and rubbed to give it a unique, more earthy flavor. Yet there are things about this whole grain that make it good for you, good enough that it’s quickly becoming the next big super food.

Because freekeh has so many health benefits, Dr. Nandi says give it a try. It’s these types of healthy foods that improve your nutrition and help you become your own health hero.

Here are some of the main health benefits of freekeh.

High in Fiber

One of the primary health benefits of freekeh is that it’s high in fiber. When compared to other grains, freekeh wins out, with between three and four times as much fiber as brown rice and double that of quinoa. The more fiber a food has, the longer you stay full when you eat it, which increases your potential for weight loss.

Rich in EssentialNutrients

Another of freekeh’s health benefits is that it is rich in essential nutrients the body needs. Here are just a few that you can benefit from:

A Good Source of Protein

Freekeh is also a good source of protein, especially for vegetarians and vegans. With an average of eight grams per serving, freekeh helps keep bones and muscles strong and healthy.

More Health Benefits

But that’s not it. Freekeh has even more health benefits.

Freekeh is low in fat
It has a low glycemic index
Freekeh acts as a prebiotic, encouraging good gut bacteria growth
This whole grain contains lutein, which benefits eye health
It contains a resistant starch, a carb that acts as a fiber and keeps you full longer
Freekeh is a low-calorie food at only 150 calories per serving
So if you’re looking to try the newest super food and love whole grains, Dr. Nandi says be your own health hero and give freekeh a try.

Partha’s Rx

Because freekeh is harvested so young, it contains more protein, fiber, and minerals than other whole grains
Freekeh can be used in any dishes or meals that include a whole grain or rice
Because freekeh is cracked, it cooks faster without impacting the nutritional value
Freekeh means “to rub” in Arabic
Freekeh was discovered by accident thousands of years ago when a field of wheat caught on fire in the fertile crescent

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