Express Workouts

Episode Overview:

Partha’s RX:

  1. Endorphins that can create feelings of overall happiness and alleviate symptoms of stress and help overall cognitive boost..

  2. You don’t need thousands of dollars for a gym membership. take advantage of what’s around you, public parks, sidewalks, and trails. Find a friend and enjoy your surroundings with physical activity.

  3. Regardless of weight, gender and age, start small, if you feel you may have a medical condition that would excuse you from certain physical activity, don’t jump the gauntlet to soon, consult a doctor to decide what type of routine is right for you.

  4. Inspire and be inspired by others, try group involvement or being part of a team, pick up a game of basketball in the neighborhood, or get involved in community sports. studies also show that we perform better both in our workout routines when motivated by each other.

Guests Including:

MICHAEL JAI WHITE- Director, Actor, Fitness Expert

JEN JEWELL – Celebrity Trainer & Fitness Model

SAMI RIFAT, MD, FACSM (Sports Medicine Specialist)