Coronavirus in MI: 12 Total Cases, Locations Identified in Oakland County, Hospital Impact and Faster Testing

Michigan now has 12 coronavirus cases, three of them in Oakland County. The places, dates, and times when folks were though to contract the virus have been released by health officials “out of an abundance of caution”. They’re also urging people to watch for symptoms if they have visited any of these places during the published timeframes.

Oakland County COVID-19 Cases

There are two new cases in Oakland county – both adult men. One has not traveled at all, while the other traveled domestically. The Oakland County Health Division continues to work diligently to find out who else may have been exposed to the virus. But, keep on the lookout for symptoms if you have traveled to these locations where the two men have been:

  • March 1 & March 4 – Detroit Metro Airport
  • March 5 – The Burger King on 23 Mile Road in Chesterfield Township; White Castle on 23 Mile Road in New Baltimore; the Hobby Lobby on 24th Ave. in Fort Gratiot Township.
  • March 6 – Poole’s Tavern in Northville; Five Guys on 28th St. in Grand Rapids
  • March 7 – The Tap Room on Michigan Ave. in Ypsilanti; The MAS Woodland on 28th St. in Grand Rapids; Texas Roadhouse on 28th St. E in Kentwood; USA Hockey Arena in Plymouth
  • March 8 – Subway restaurant on 28th St. in Grand Rapids; Jimmy John’s on 28th St. in Grand Rapids; Burger Kin on E. Grand River Ave. in Portland

The third case in Oakland County is an adult woman who is reported to have had very little contact with other people. Therefore the risk of community exposure regarding her case is considered minimal.

What To Do If You Think You Have Symptoms

The first thing to do is get home immediately and call your family doctor. If you do not have a family doctor, call your local health department. You can find the number for your local health department online by clicking here. Beaumont also now has a coronavirus hotline and can be reached at 248-551-7000. What you should NOT do, is head to a medical facility such as a doctor’s office, hospital, or walk-in clinic. It is very important to call first. If they feel you should be tested or seen, you will then be given instructions for the next steps.

Impacts at Local Hospitals 

Many hospitals such as Beaumont Health, Michigan Medicine and Detroit Medical Center are announcing visitor restrictions. I know this can be difficult and frustrating for those who want to visit loved ones who are ill. However, these steps are being put in place for one reason only – to limit the spread of the very contagious coronavirus. This is for the protection of everyone. Not just our patients and the public, but to protect doctors, nurses, and other medical staff working very hard to treat sick patients. So, please, before visiting anyone at the hospital, call them first to see if they are accepting visitors. Generally speaking, patients are allowed one to two adult visitors. Except under extreme circumstances, children under the age of 16 may not be allowed to visit hospital patients. And, this may go without saying, but anyone with cold or flu-like symptoms is not allowed to visit hospital patients. 

Testing in Michigan

Currently, health officials can test approximately 1,300 people. Health Officials believe there are enough tests, but that could change very fast. The virus is extremely contagious. And, as it spreads, more people will need to be tested. But, with schools closing, events being postponed, people working from home, and through social distancing practices, I’m optimistic we can slow down the spread.

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